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Freezers and Ice Makers: How to Choose
Freezer Considerations

Freezers are a great way to save money on family food costs since they allow you to take advantage of bulk deals. When looking at freezers for sale to determine the one that best suits your needs, consider size, capacity and energy use. Do you have a large family? Do you typically buy large amounts of food at a time? Do you have hunters or fishermen in the family? Also figure out how much space you have to accommodate your freezer. There are two styles to choose from:chest freezers and upright freezers. A chest freezer, which offers a wide open area, is better suited to large items or large amounts of items, tends to be more energy efficient, and is less likely to cause freezer burn. An upright freezer takes up less floor space, offers more shelf space, plus can provide easier access to food.

Today's freezers offer more convenience features than ever. Depending on your needs, you can choose a freezer that can be customized with a flexible array of dividers, tiers, baskets and bins. You can also get one with child locks, one with an alarm that goes off when the inside gets too warm or the door doesn't close tightly, one with frost-free maintenance which eliminates the need for manual defrosting, one with fast freeze, most often used to preserve the quality of larger amounts of fresh food, one with magnetic doors that insure an air-tight seal, even one that can convert to a refrigerator. Just for instance.

Ice Maker Considerations

Your first decision when choosing an ice maker is the type you want. Are you going to add a unit to a refrigerator you already have? Or do you want a portable icemaker that is compact, can be easily moved where you need it, and doesn't require a water line or drain line? With portable ice-makers, you just add water when you want ice. Or would an undercounter icemaker that can make large amounts of ice for an extended period of time work better for you, one that has an integrated water line and drain that makes it essentially maintenance-free?

When you choose an Energy Star certified freezer or ice maker, you're getting one that offers savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.