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Things you use every day. Created for a new way of living.


Welcome to the Future of Toilet Technology

This intelligent toilet uses an integrated UV light and an extraordinary smooth glaze to break down dirt and grime in the bowl and rinse it clean with eWater+. With features like a heated seat, deodorizer and warm water sprays, this revolutionary toilet is at the peak of luxury.


A New Standard of Daily Comfort and Cleanliness

Transform a mundane trip to the bathroom into a spa-like experience with a Washlet. Designed to bring a refreshing lifestyle to your home, these smart solutions combine technologies, including eWater+, Cefiontect and Tornado Flush to introduce a new level of comfort and cleanliness into your life.

TOTO 1G Toilets

Water-Saving Technology

The 1G collection of toilets save a substantial amount of water without wavering on TOTO's renowned performance by using their powerful, yet remarkably quiet gravity-fed Tornado Flush technology, which fully evacuates the bowl with an ultra-efficient single gallon of water.

TOTO Global Faucet Collection

Stunning Style and Designs for Everyone

The global faucet collection offers timeless beauty with clean, modern lines, polished to the last detail. Any of the five faucets from this collection will update your bath space with a chic contemporary look. The Comfort Glide technology was designed from the ground up to provide fundamental comfort in operation.

TOTO Showers

A Perfect Showering Experience with Just One Touch

A Perfect Showering Experience with Just One Touch

By analyzing human sensation and using research to create groundbreaking technologies, this series of multifunctional showers offer the optimum level of comfort for users and features an elevated design and functionality.

Zero Dimension Floatation Tub

The World's First Zero Gravity Bathtub

Experiences total weightlessness. The flotation tub with Zero Dimension allows the body to float in a tension-free state, which helps release stress on joints and encourages complete relaxation. This tub is not only good for your body, research has shown the bathing posture reduces activity in the part of the brain that houses the language function, which is why it's such a calming and relaxing experience.

TOTO Appliances in Pacific Sales Stores

TOTO appliances are available in select Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home California store locations.

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